Crypto Trading for Ambitious Beginners

Are you thinking about trading Bitcoin and other cryptos but feel you don't know enough about it yet? Are you looking for a solid book written by experienced traders that teaches you the important ins & outs about crypto trading? Then Crypto Trading for Ambitious Beginners is for you.

Written by the author of the forex bestseller Forex For Ambitious Beginners, and the founder of CryptoAcademy, Crypto Trading for Ambitious Beginners is a highly practical guide on how to successfully trade cryptocurrencies yourself.

We’ll show you how to look past the hype and pick the coins with true potential.

Crypto for Ambitious Beginners is crammed with must-have tips & tricks on how to trade crypto successfully.

We will show you how to:


Spot promising coins

Avoid crypto scams — yes, they do exist

Protect your positions against market volatility

Increase the yield on your crypto assets—dont miss out on yield farming

Find a trading strategy that works for you

Determine good entry and exit moments

How to safely buy and store coins

Avoid a lot of beginner mistakes

And of course we'll also tell you everything you need to know about blockchain, smart contracts, DeFi, on-chain analysis, and much, much more.

Crypto Trading for Ambitious Beginners is a very practical book. It will show you what crypto is, how the crypto market works, and how to successfully trade crypto yourself.

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