technische analyse forex

Forex for Ambitious Beginners will help you avoid many, many beginner mistakes 

You will learn:

  how the forex market works

  which factors influence the most important currencies

  how to protect your trading capital

  popular forex trading strategies and how to use them

  how to build your own trading system

  popular technical indicators and how to use them

  how to read charts and recognize charting patterns

And much more!

What others said about the book

"I'm a beginner but I read most of the book before I started a practice account and it helped tremendously."

Thomas Paine, Amazon review.

"...a must have when learning how the foreign exchange works!"

Jamie Sorrell, Amazon review

"This is a great book for beginners, as it covers the essentials you need to know to get a good foundation in trading."

Joshua Greenhough, Amazon review

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